Is there such a thing as an ethnomusicological film?

We can certainly have academic debates about this question. But there is no question that there are films made by ethnomusicologists and a lot of films that can be useful for ethnomusicologists.

Welcome to the visual.ethnomusicology.net – a website with the ambition to gather all the films by and for ethnomusicologists in one place.

Please, note that this site is now in beta mode, and further development awaits the project. Nevertheless, you can already take a little tour through our database of fascinating ethnomusicological films…

As for now, you can:

Browse the catalogue of almost 1500 ethnomusicological films

Perform full-text searches through film titles, synopses, filmmaker names and many other fields

Take a look at the project roadmap and learn about the features we plan to implement

Contact us if you have any comments on the project (for instance, recommendations for films we could add or suggestions for new features). We’d also love to hear from you if you’d like to be more actively involved in the project…

We hope that this database will be helpful to our ethnomusicological community and that it will expand the general awareness of ethnomusicological films. Have a great time here!

Petr Nuska
– Database creator and administrator